Current participations

Here you will find further information on our current projects, in which we offer external investors the opportunity to participate as well.


Clean & Green

The clean & green holdings GmbH offers – following the quote "Let US make a difference!" – an exclusive portfolio of sustainable material assets that support ethical, ecological and economic goals and values in equal measure.

ProTerra Maroc is our most recent project, which is an example of the implementation of our investment strategy.

With ProTerra Maroc we not only find a way to produce fish in an economically and ecologically sustainable way, but also leave a positive and sustainable "impact" in the region: we recultivate the landscape and help to achieve better working and living conditions.


With Pizza|Pasta|Please we are bringing an award-winning restaurant concept to Germany that combines Mediterranean cuisine and flair with Australian nonchalance.

Being fast does not mean making compromises! Bringing speed and quality under one roof is therefore the heart of our perfected organizational concept. This includes, for example, not making any compromises when it comes to fresh ingredients and making everything transparent for customers at all times with an open kitchen.